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Stories engage

March 12th, 2015 by Garth Russell


I have a great tip for you when it comes to talking about your business, and this can apply to giving your 60 sec spiel at a networking event, a two minute elevator pitch in a lift, or where ever you may be with someone who is even vaguely interested in your business.
And the tip is make sure you tell them a story. Even more powerful, is to preface what you are going to say by telling them “I have a story to tell you”, or words to that effect.
The reason is that when we are expecting to hear a story, as opposed to straight information, our analytical, sceptical left part of the brain shuts down, and our creative right part of the brain which is much more susceptible to concepts and new ideas, opens up. The person you are talking to will be far more engaged and you will be far more likely to get you message across.
It’s something I heard recently and felt compelled to share with you. Try yourself today and see what happens.

A new start.

July 24th, 2014 by Garth Russell

I’m excited to say that along with the launch of my new website, I now have the opportunity to share information, stories and wisdom that I encounter everyday through the course of what I do for a living. Simply put, that is to remind people that storytelling continues to be the most effective way to get a message across.

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